GRIMM provides the most comprehensive AEROSOL product line on the market with an ever-increasing, international customer base. With more than 70 employees, the company continues to be run by Mr. Hans Grimm in Germany.

ATL Lims is a technological leader, particularly in the Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) industry, and provides world-class software solutions, consulting services, technical support and hands-on training to Fortune 500 companies and laboratories.

Torion offers a unique blend of commercial products and technical research, development and engineering services. Focus is developing miniaturized instrumentation for on-site, field analysis of chemical and biological threats, contaminants, and pollutants.

ZiRBUS is currently a reliable partner for the food and pharmaceuticals industries, and to customers in the fields of research and medicine. Develop instruments tailored to the highly specialized demands of each individual customer.

Innovative instrumentation solutions encompassing Combustion Gas Analyzers, Emissions Analyzers, Indoor Air Quality, and Calibration equipment especially designed for the power, process, industrial, institutional, food, and HVAC markets.

F-DGSi company offers a complete range of gas generators and accessories, fulfilling the requirements of all laboratory analyzers such as:LCMS, GC, ICP, DEDL, IRTF, TOC, NMR, AA, electronic Noise, Rheology, Particle sizing by laser diffraction, DSC, etc..

Research International, Inc.a high-technology company that specializes in contract research and development with particular expertise in optical chemical and biological sensing, micromachining and microfluidics, and miniature rechargeable battery technology.

Target Laboratory Systems scope has been widely expanded to include the provision of training, laboratory development towards accreditation, laboratory auditing and, recently added, providing proficiency testing schemes in different matrices .

The company’s involvement in international R&D projects within EDA or NATO, or its share in the major procurement programmes of the Army of the Czech Republic generate new experience and capabilities. essential for the future success of VOP CZ, s.p. on the international markets.

VVÚ performs research and experimental development assignments connected to higher innovations, mainly the technology of ground forces, materiel in the core fields of specialisation that are chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear protection and connected fields, such as chemical protection of the army, sensors, electronic and cybernetic warfare, camouflage and deception, special metal and non-metal materials, technology of surface protection, the system of quality.

Customized activity analysis, special measurement containers, drones and robotic systems for special measurement task are just a few applications which we already have realized on the demand of our clients. As soon as a system is defined, we accompany our customers through the implementation and afterwards we offer a full maintenance package. Individually designed systems which are precisely tailored to the respective needs and which often are in use in unique operational areas.