Aerosol Simulants (Chemical and Biological)

This product administers a small aerosol challenge to chemical and biological collection, detection and identification equipment. Many situations arise where it would be useful to have a method for qualitatively determining that equipment is working. With gas detectors, a small pulse of gas is commonly administered to the equipment before it is taken out into the field to see if an upscale reading is obtained. This safety measure is called a ‘bump test’ and shows that the equipment is operational.

For performing both chemical and biological “bump tests,” we provide a medical inhaler that has been charged with a nontoxic pressurized propellant and in the case of biological bump tests, a small amount of simulant powder. When the inhaler canister base is depressed, a fixed volume of propellant and any suspended aerosol material present is discharged as a turbulent jet. Some applications include:

  • Testing air sampling and extraction equipment;
  • Testing ultraviolet biological aerosol detectors such as Research International’s TacBio™ aerosol detector;
  • Testing bioidentification devices such as tickets(lateral flow immunoassays);
  • Testing gas detectors that have the propellant used in this product in their gas library
  • Studying aerosol dispersion in various settings; and
  • Equipment demonstrations for customers

The propellant used in RI’s Aerosol Simulants is the same propellant used in most medical inhalers and is of a high purity, with minimal oil and other contaminants. A special high accuracy metered-volume valve is used which provides an output dose that is consistent to within 5% from shot to shot.

Since the simulant materials are physically suspended in the propellant, it is essential that the unit be well shaken before each use. The check source size and shape minimizes issues with airline personnel who otherwise prefer to confiscate all pressurized products found in carry-on luggage.

Product Features

  • Compact
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to transport
  • Toxin simulants
  • Spore simulants
  • Chemical/flammable gas simulant
  • Repeatable doseage
  • Long life- over 100 shots
  • Nontoxic

Typical Application

  • CBW/TIC gas detectors
  • UV biotriggers
  • Air samplers
  • Lateral flow immunoassays
  • Automated bioanazyzers
  • Postal room biothreats
  • Product demonstrations