PR610-2 Food Safety Testing Device

The PR610-2™ is a flexible, robotic, fluorometric assay system designed and built by Canon Chemical, Inc. under license from Research International. It is used for the high-sensitivity monitoring of food-borne pathogens and their toxins. It represents a careful integration of optics, fluidics, robotics, and software into one compact system for use in laboratory settings. This unit will automatically perform a user-defined, multi-step, fluoro-immunoassay protocol on 1 to 4 different samples by means of each of the system’s four disposable optical waveguide sensors.

E. coli O157:H7 has been detected at 100 to 1000 CFU/ml with the instrument.
Each waveguide may be functionalized with a different assay, allowing up to four different assays to be run simultaneously. Conversely, the same assay may be run on four different samples. The results of these assays are displayed on an outboard PC, using Windows-based software that is provided with the system. – See more at:

Product Features

Assay sensitivities < 1000 CFU/ml[/li][li]Sample enrichment can be performed in sample vials to improve detection limits[/li][li]Simple to use[/li][li]Consistent performance[/li] [/list]

Typical Application

  • Food safety
  • Medical
  • Academic research
  • Agriculture
  • Bioassay automation